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A Free Lightweight Chromium Style Webkit Range Slider

A Free Lightweight Chromium Style Webkit Range Slider

A free Wekbit Chromium range input. This is great if you want to snaz-up any form you have. PSD included for you designers out there.

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Range input’s are becoming increasingly popular especially in UI Design and can really give off a great finish. Though they have a lack of browser support currently it only renders in Webkit (Chrome & Safari) and Opera. Regardless this is no reason to stop you using range input’s, browsers that don’t support it treat it as a textbox anyway, win?

PSD Included in download.

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I am the founder of The Finished Box, a Digital Resource Magazine. Founded in October 2010 and launched in February 2011 my focus is to bring you articles, inspiration, freebies and more focusing on quality more than quantity.

  • Guest

    Such great resources! It’d be really helpful if you used a more descriptive zip / folder name for the downloads instead of just “source.”

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! I totally agree with the download zip name, I’ll change them all later today, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Suraj Vibhute

    Helpful and cleaver design for future projects, thanks for this wonderful freebie!

  • Michelle K

    Really nice but it look like you have not linked range-icon.png to your page. or it doesn’t work with Firefox 14.0.1

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