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20 Colorful Poster Designs

20 Colorful Poster Designs

Here’s 30 colorful and eye-catching poster designs to inspire you.

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Color attracts the eye like nothing else. The human eyes are finely tuned to notice certain colors, and each color has an emotion or concept associated with it. Blue is associated with water, green with nature, red with passion or blood, yellow with the sun, etc. Using color in design is a way to draw on these concepts naturally and integrate them into your design.

Posters need to be attention grabbing, because people will walk by them without noticing if they aren’t. Thus, using bright colors is a great way to attract attention to your posters, and thanks to online printing, color printing for posters is no longer prohibitively expensive.

Here’s 20 colorful and eye-catching poster designs.

Chasing Cars By Jorqe Castaño GEORGIA by Geo Zombie Colorful Abstract Poster FAC 494: Hacienda 25 poster by DrPockets The Year Was 2005 by atobgraphics Tigercub colorful poster Polygon Field by Richard Nabarro time travel poster by Istiko Neon Canvas Poster By awkward.robot Heaven Sent Club Poster Design By elena_london_s THE RAINBOW colored Rope poster PSD Elite Flyer Poster by Serhat Ozalp Colorful Type Poster By solemone Little Miss Eternal Sunshine Promotional Flier Poster By David A. Martinez Work – Get The Facts 3 by DISENT I Have No Style Found Self By dfactz RED By WBT Photo the revenge of the mummy-movie poster By CHEZ LOTFAÏ chezlotf Outbreak Poster By Rudolf Brosztl

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