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Slick Black Business Card Designs

Slick Black Business Card Designs

Here’s some examples of slick, black business card designs.

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Black is a multifaceted color. It can be either sleek and sexy, or elegant and refined. It can be scary, or luxurious. It contrasts well with all colors, and works with both matte and gloss finishes.

Therefore, it’s common to see black as a primary color in design and printing services. In web design, it’s often not a pure black (especially if it’s a background), but black will show up in most designs in some form.

Here’s some examples of slick, black business card designs.

Business Card

VIA Business Card

Slick Black business card


Business card and Card holder(cassette case)

Aaron Kapor

TRIBO Telecom business card


Black Businesscards “Famepix”

Simple Business Card

Professional Photography Business Card

JM9 Design Studio’s Business Card

Business Card for: Espainu

Kaimak Business Cards

Zero Degrees – Business card

Gravity Dance


Black Silk Business Card

Unique Business Card 870

Alpis Design Business Card


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  • docket books

    Awesome collection, keep the posts coming. Great source of Inspiration for designers seeking business card Collections. Black is a difficult colour but in this list I see more examples so good. In special way I like the embsoss effect.Thanks for sharing!

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