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30 Examples of Comparison Tables in Web Design

30 Examples of Comparison Tables in Web Design

Here’s 30 creative examples of comparison tables in web design.

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When a client lands on your site, if you’re selling a product or service, they are usually interested in pricing. But if your page is largely informational, they are probably interested in data analytics.

Presenting data to your visitors in an easy to use format is important to not only making your site useful, but also for building rapport with your visitors.

Here’s 30 creative examples of comparison tables in web design:

Are My Sites Up

Name Cheap

Play in Traffik


Go Daddy

Square Space

Cobble Stonecn

Mind Meister


One Hub






Poll Daddy


Crazy Egg

Light Cms


The Resumator

Live Stream


Fetch App

5pm Web

Planning Center


Code Base hq

Ice Brrg



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    When a client areas on your site, if exactly the same thing products or services, they are usually enthusiastic about pricing. But if your page is mostly informative, they are probably enthusiastic about data statistics.

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